Puerto Princesa Residential Lot Sea View of Honda Bay

LOT SIZE 1500 sq meters



(UPDATE January 2016: We understand that the road will be improved soon in preparation for a new subdivision below our neighbour’s house pictured below.)

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This residential lot is for sale. Please use the Contact Form to express an interest, arrange a visit, and ask any questions you may have. We, the Filipina/British owners, will deal for this property on a net price basis. This means that once we receive payment, the title will be handed to the buyer to process the transfer of title at their leisure. All transfer costs including taxes and lawyers fees will then be the responsibility of the buyers.  Please check availability and current price before travelling to view the property.

This private land is located away from the Bakers’ Hill tourist area, in a quiet position with lovely distant views of Honda Bay on one side and hills on the other. It is ideal for someone looking for peace and tranquility but not too far from city proper amenities. It is also perfect for those who prefer to escape the oppressive heat and humidity of the city proper, which is only just above sea level. It remains hot of course, but a cooler breeze does bring some relief.

The approach road to the lot is easy to locate, being opposite the road alongside Mitra Ranch, or Rancho Sta Monica. To get to the lot you drive past a bible study centre, continue uphill and follow the road as it bears right. You will pass a new “mansion” on the right and a couple of older properties on the left. The road then has a short but rather steep drop  where you turn left and you will be alongside the front of our lot.

Not only does this residential lot have an elevated position for distant views, the lot itself is raised above road level and safer from water flows during tropical rain showers or longer periods of rain. That is a big advantage in a hilly tropical location such as Sta Monica, where water run off can prove hazardous and make building houses more expensive to be safe from slippage and water damage.

The lot for sale is a corner lot, making it all the more attractive. Houses in the neighbourhood are of a comparatively high quality, although the approach road is currently rough. We understand the road will be improved but cannot be certain as to timing. In the meantime a 4wd vehicle is the best option, especially in heavy rain. In dry weather the 4wd is not usually needed, but it’s nice to have just in case. (UPDATE January 2016: We understand that the road will be improved soon in preparation for a new subdivision below our neighbour’s house pictured below.)

There is great potential with our lot to build an impressive house that maximises the beautiful views. The picture above is taken from the lot at ground level. The view from a second floor of a new house would be even better of course. This sale is lot only


This next picture is of the nearby hills across the valley. This is part of the view from the lot opposite the sea view, and is taken from our neighbour’s lot below:

View of nearby hills from residential lot near Baker's Hill, Puerto Princesa, Palawan



The location is favourable for high end property development. The following picture is of the house of our neighbour and friend, and is taken from just 20 metres or so from the corner of our lot:

A neighboring house reflects the potential for residential development at this lot near Mitra Road

About the Philippines and Palawan Real Estate Markets.

Real estate in the Philippines has recently recovered from the doldrums, and both property prices and activity have been quite buoyant. Within that market, though, Palawan real estate is a property hot spot, and has been for several years now. Coming from such a low base, even now you can still find reasonably priced land on which to build that dream tropical home or island beach resort. The market is not yet mature, so there is good reason to be confident about the future.

Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan province, and has for the past year been given a great amount of international publicity because of the Puerto Princesa underground river. This has helped to boost tourism significantly, and tourist numbers will no doubt grown when the international airport extension comes on stream. Flights to Palawan will increase, including some direct international flights. That means more people visiting Puerto Princesa city, a small proportion of whom will decide to either invest or settle in the city. That is all very positive for investing in real estate property.